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It all started at Noah’s Ark*, a dog sanctuary in the north of Malta. It was a journey that would change the lives of two souls meant to be together and heal each other. Those two souls were Claire, the CEO, founder, and lead content writer of Alpha Content, and Alpha, her husky, companion, best friend, and inspiration behind Alpha Content.

Alpha Content is a word factory that turns letters into fluent content. Its content writing services do the job and sell your product as it should be. Alpha Content balances quality and delivery time. Feedback is always welcome – we know your marketing assets’ importance and want you to achieve the best possible results.

Our Core Values

  1. Mutual honesty, trust, and respect
  2. Clear communication and transparency
  3. Authenticity in every piece delivered
  4. Teamwork – we can’t do this without you!

Together we can create fluent content that speaks TO your customers, not AT them!

The symbol of Alpha Content which is a grey husky, sitting down looking, front facing with its tongue sticking out.


Photo of Claire, who has red hair and wearing a pair of glasses, looking directly at the camera with trees behind her


If there is one word that describes Claire, it’s passion. She has a fire that fuels her entrepreneurial drive and allows her to fight hard for what she wants. This spills into her personal life, which is why adopting Alpha was the best thing that ever happened to her. She gave him everything from food to the full occupancy of her heart. “Alpha first” and “Where I go, Alpha goes” were Claire’s two catchphrases.

Claire started as a receptionist at a hotel and worked her way up by asking questions, observing her peers, and taking risks. She is vibrant, perspective, and trustworthy. Her interactions are authentic, dynamic, and productive.

Claire was always interested in writing and uses it as a therapeutic tool. When returning from a year abroad, Claire started writing content professionally for LeoVegas Ltd., a leading iGaming company. She enhanced her content writing, sales, and marketing skills while providing services for world leaders such as McDonald’s.

COVID-19 happened and Claire lost her job. She needed to find a way to take care of Alpha. A friend forwarded a LinkedIn ad asking for freelance content writers, so she applied. No risk, no game, right? This client took a chance on her and became the birth of Claire’s full-time freelance content writing career.

Heartbroken doesn’t even begin to explain how Claire felt when she lost Alpha in 2021. Branding her content writing business and turning it into Alpha Content was her way of honouring Alpha’s memory. After all, he was the inspiration and motivation behind its creation.

Photo of Alpha, a grey husky with brown eyes and his tongue out looking directly at the camera.


Alpha didn’t get off to a good start in life. He was born around June 2016 and had been abandoned twice by September 2017, finding himself at Noah’s Ark while still being somewhat of a puppy, a giant puppy, but a puppy nonetheless.

He knew Claire was his human from the moment he saw her walk through the gates. She was the one. The one who would heal him, the one who would give him the love he needed. He barked and barked until Claire asked to take him for a walk, and they became inseparable instantly.

Alpha lived like a king – spoilt rotten – he had the best vet, best trainer, best food, he had the best of everything. He was constantly smiling and everyone loved him – he even helped three people get over their fear of dogs.

Alpha didn’t know what COVID-19 was, but he was so happy that Claire was spending so much time at home. Claire worked hard to grow her content writing business with the sole motivation of keeping Alpha happy.

On the 10th of September 2021, Alpha had to say goodbye to Claire. It was very sudden and unexpected, but Alpha knew that Claire wouldn’t have wanted to see him suffer, so he left quickly. He asked for one more belly rub and gave Claire a kiss before parting ways with her forever.

Alpha Content is an honour to Alpha’s memory because the brand is built on Alpha’s values. The content writing brand is happy, friendly, and approachable. Just like Alpha, Alpha Content is bright, passionate, and always smiling.

Photo of Alpha, a grey husky with brown eyes and his tongue out looking directly at the camera.

*Noah’s Ark is a registered NGO in Cirkewwa, Malta. It gives refuge to an average of 100 abandoned dogs.

You can also support the cause!

Noah's Ark Dogs behind cages

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