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5 Habits for a Healthy Mind

We live in a super-fast paced world. There’s so much to do that we tend to forget about ourselves and our mental wellbeing, but did you know that your state of mind is directly related to your physical state? Think about it – how productive are you when you are happy as opposed to when you are sad? 

Now that you get it, here are five easy tips that are designed to help you work towards a healthy mind for a healthy life.

1. Daily Mindfulness

Be aware of your surroundings. Stop to smell the flowers. Literally. Go to the beach and walk barefoot in the sand. Be in the moment and appreciate where you are and how you got there. Mindfulness is all about being present so close your eyes, meditate, and give gratitude for being alive.

2. Exercise

Exercise doesn’t only keep your body healthy, it also does wonders for your mental wellbeing. First off, physical exercise releases endorphins that elevate your mood instantly. Once you start getting stronger, you’ll notice you’ll start feeling better about yourself and you’ll have less anxiety. You don’t need to spend hours in the gym if you don’t want to, a quick 30 minute walk every day is enough to get your juices flowing.

3. Balanced Nutrition

The phrase ‘you are what you eat’ doesn’t mean you’ll eventually turn into a broccoli head or a greasy burger, but essentially, it’s true. The food you consume will reflect in your body – your skin will glow if you drink enough water and you’ll be tired all the time if you only eat carbs. The vitamins and nutrients you give your body will also influence your creativity and overall productivity. A balanced diet (including carbs and fats) is essential to a happy mind. 

4. Quality Sleep

Sleep is essential to a fully functioning body and mind, and I don’t mean the half-naps we have on trains and planes. I mean hardcore sleep, snores, drools, and all. A good night’s sleep is the recipe for an alert mind and strong body, which means you’ll be ready to cease the day at full speed. If you have trouble sleeping, try getting yourself to adjust to a bedtime routine.

5. Hobbies and Recreation

Time to yourself is essential. Having something you love doing helps relax the mind and body alike. This could be a sport, writing in a journal, going to the gym, or sitting in the middle of a park with a good book. There is no right and wrong when it comes to hobbies, as long as there is at least one. Take the outlet and savour the ‘me’ time. It will do wonders to your mental wellbeing. 

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