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Why You Shouldn’t Be a Female Entrepreneur in 2023

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Many people think I have it all. Flexibility, ability to travel, remote working – I mean, what’s not to love? The problem is that no one sees the struggles that lay behind being a female entrepreneur in 2023. We might be in the 21st century, but I still have to work twice as hard as a man to be taken seriously. 

1. You’ll Work. A Lot.


There are weeks when I barely look up from my laptop. I’m busy reaching deadlines, working on a marketing plan, and enhancing my business plan. My time is precious and sacred to me, and I only give it to people who are special to me. Quality over quantity.

2. You’ll Cry

I cry. A lot. I panic even more, and I have frequent anxiety attacks. The never knowing how much money is coming in next month, the unpaid sick leave, time off, and working weekends because of a doctor’s appointment during the week. Satisfaction with completing all my tasks? Priceless.

3. You’ll Have No Time To Yourself

If I want to do something for myself, I have to plan for it or wake up earlier. Ever wondered why I’m up at 05:35 and waiting for the gym to open at 06:50? It’s because I don’t have time to train otherwise. Superwoman mode on and proud.

4. You’ll Be Spontaneous - Not

Last-minute plans are my worst enemy. I need to know what’s going on in my week so I can plan my work around it. I do not have a regular 9 to 5 job that allows me to enjoy ‘anything can happen evenings and weekends’. Appreciation for time off? High. 

5. You’ll Travel. A Lot.

Planes, trains, buses; remote working allows me to write from anywhere. I’m actually on a train right now. The constant packing, unpacking, and new adventures in different corners of the world. I mean, who would want that right? Gratitude level – off the charts.

6. You’ll Be Financially Independent​

I don’t depend on anyone but myself. Well, financially. I still need my people to help me through my moments. Don’t you hate it when you don’t need to rely on others? Knowing the value of money and taking pride that everything you have is a result of your sweat sucks. Thank you, Dad, you taught me well. 

So, as you can see, being a female entrepreneur in 2023 is pretty boring. You won’t have a massive group of friends or a full social calendar, but what you will get is quality friendships, adventures in different corners of the world, financial independence, and the satisfaction that your achievements are entirely yours. 

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