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Passion – Good or Bad?

A wooden post with three wooden signs having the words written Purpose, Fuels & Passion.

Let’s start by defining passion. I believe that each person has a different view of what passion is. Some may see it in art; others in the eyes of a mother or in the sun rising each morning. Me? I see it in people’s hearts and souls.

To me, passion is the love we give to whatever we do, be it work-related, friendships, or romances. Living the moment for that particular activity, for or with that special someone. That’s passion. The belief that something should either be done well or not at all.

But is passion a good or bad thing? I think it can be both. Weird, isn’t it, how passion can drive someone to reach their full potential but can drive someone else into the ground? We need to be tactful and mindful about how far we allow our passions to take us. Too much of anything usually comes with negative consequences, and I believe that passion is no different.

This is why I carefully choose when to follow my passions. My biggest one is Alpha Content. As my clients may say, I write with passion, even if it’s a topic I’ve written about several times. My love for my business is mainly fueled by my love for writing, but also by my passion for my Alpha.

Another passion of mine that my friends rave about is my passion for the kitchen. I grew up watching my grandmother cook. She never let me help her, but she let me watch. She was the person who would open the fridge and make a meal with whatever was in there, and I am exactly the same. My magic powers in the kitchen include adding spices because I think they would taste yummy, especially when cooking for other people.

The last passion I want to discuss in this blog post is my passion for teaching and education. Not having the opportunity to further my studies as a teenager, I started out from the bottom. Learning through experience gave me the tools I needed to figure out what I wanted in life. This includes my teaching career, which was a summer job that turned into a passion. 

What can I say about my English teaching experience? I’ve met so many people from all over the world, I’ve been exposed to numerous cultures, and I’ve learnt enough about different religions and traditions to write an entire book. It’s incredible how the world is so small, yet so different. For example, did you know that asking for salt in an Egyptian restaurant is an insult to the chef? I found this to be incredibly interesting, especially since I come from a place where salt and pepper are always on the table.

What are your most important passions?

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