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The Corners of Inspiration

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Friends, family, and sometimes even clients, often ask me where my inspiration comes from. “But I don’t feel inspired,” “It’s so hard to be creative,” “It’s so hot, how can you even think?” are just some of the phrases I hear each day. I simply smile and reply “Inspiration is everywhere.”

I mostly get confused looks, but it truly is everywhere. I find it in the colours of the sky, in the texture of the leaves, and in the eyes of a passerby. I speak to people and hear what they have to say. I even choose to sit facing the street so I can see what everyone is doing. While most think I’m being nosy, I’m just curious, and while it is true that curiosity killed the cat, curiosity also fuels creativity and inspires my writing.

What we need to understand is that inspiration can strike at any time, and we should write down each and every idea that pops into our heads. No idea is stupid. No idea is crazy. I bet someone had quite a laugh when Alexander Bell came up with the idea of a device that people could use to communicate from a distance. Can you live without your phone? I can’t. Thank Bell for not giving up on a then ‘crazy’ idea.

I felt inspired to write this while writing a payment provider review for an online casino affiliate. This post might not be the best thing since sliced bread, but I think it’s good enough to put up on my blog and potentially inspire others. Inspiration has come to me while walking down the street, while speaking to someone new, and when frustrated or sad. 

It. Just. Happens. Like Alpha Content. The name came to me while driving to visit a friend who was in Malta on holiday in December 2021. I was singing along to whatever random song was on the radio, and I thought “Alpha Content”. I didn’t even think further at that point, but that random thought was when my branding journey began.

A secret of mine that I can share is that I close my eyes and listen – and I mean really listen. Often, removing one sense intensifies the others and you’ll be surprised to learn how much more you can feel, smell, and taste when removing your sight.

Embrace your now. Be where you are and don’t worry about yesterday or tomorrow. Focus on the task at hand and look around you. You’ll find that inspiration in no time. Allow yourself to leave your box and welcome anything that flows in. Like most other things in this world, the first time is the hardest. It’s pretty plain sailing from thereon. 

The next time someone asks me how I get inspired, I’ll direct them to this post. Or I might just tell them to close their eyes and experience the moment. Who knows? I might even become inspired to write another blog post. 

Take a moment to think about what inspires you and let us know – you never know, you may even inspire the next blog post!

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